Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

RelocationGuide is curious and asks the question: “What has been the most effective Social Media Platform for your business?” We’d really like to hear your opinions.

We just added a new feature on relocationguide we are pretty excited about. It’s called Product Reviews and it features our hand picked advertiser broken out into specific categories. We handpicked these advertisers for you to help make your relocation or move easier and smoother…and just more fun. There are services that will help you [...]

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Well, you’ve just moved and you are settled into you new house and on top of everything else the holidays are upon us. We’ve just added an article that talks about easy ways to decorate after just moving in. It adds the festiveness to your home without the stress of totally decorating.

Our friends over at ReloRoundtable just blogged about moving during the holidays. Thought this was applicable since the holidays are upon us.

Well, the graphics are coming soon. We are in the wordpress learning process here at relocationguide.com.  BTW, we have updated the site. Go to relocationguide.com to see the new structure. We have a new section coming online in about a month that we are very excited about. Stay tuned.